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3D Visualization for E-commerce: How Motorola Revolutionized Smartphone Buying with CodeCoast 3D Technology


CodeCoast 3D Viewer
3D Viewer

Motorola, one of the leaders in the smartphone market in Brazil, joined forces with CodeCoast to integrate 3D Visualization technology into its online sales platform. This innovation allowed customers to view smartphones in an extremely precise and detailed way before purchasing, significantly improving the choice and decision experience.

With 3D Visualization technology for E-commerce provided by CodeCoast, the user experience has been elevated to a new level, allowing for a richer and more immersive interaction with products. Customers were able to explore every detail of the smartphones, such as design, colors and technical specifications, in a virtual environment that faithfully replicated the real product.

This pioneering approach adopted by Motorola, in partnership with CodeCoast, has not only enriched the digital shopping journey, but also set a new standard in the way consumers interact with mobile technology online, offering a powerful tool to assist with purchasing decisions.

Innovate with 3D Visualization for E-commerce!

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